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Is there anything quite like a cafe? No. Cafes are the epicentre of good and evil, the place where all the best and worst of humanity combines into a grotesque quiche of doom, with sprinkles of love. It’s only fitting that, during our short reign, we at DVS have published not one but perhaps several stories with cafes. We (and by we I chiefly mean I) believe that the following story is also set in a cafe. At least the author tells me so.

And so on.


A Scene from Cafe Retro 



A Scene from Café Retro

By Peter M. Ball



You sit opposite Pandora, safe in the shadows of the café, the room filled with the low babble of crowd murmur. Pandora sips her coffee, café au lait spiked with ephedrine. She stares at you, green eyes pinned and anxious. You stare back, waiting. She takes a sip, licks residue off her lips. (more…)


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On the table there is a wooden pig. No matter what happens it keeps smiling. What does it know?





When I was Thirteen I Ate My City

Trent Jamieson



When I was thirteen I ate my city. I was extremely tall for my age. I had a serious face and a much more dreadfully serious hunger. Brisbane was a tasty city. A bit dry, even with its coils of river, but there hadn’t been much rain for a while. So a wet meal was out of the question. (more…)

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I’m too sick to think of something witty to say about this story… so you’ll have to make do with my half-brother Carlson who calls it “twice the piranhas for only half the pickles”… we all know what he means by that right?




Piranhas, Pickle Joe, and Me

Melissa Yuan-Innes



My best friend is a pickle.


By that, I don’t mean that his last name is Pickle.


I mean that he is a long, thin slice of dill pickle. His name is Joe. (more…)

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This story has a character called Zif the magic beaver. How could you not buy a story with a character called Zif the magic beaver? No really.

Now behold its mystery!!





Eat My Stardust

Sarah Totton




Zif the magic beaver crawled out of the dam he’d burrowed in the duvet. He gazed at the 4-D polychromatic poster on the wall above his bed. It said:


The Reprehensible Ticktown Trio


Midway Evans on kazoo

The Ticktown Frog on the KitKat®

The Bird of Ticktown on the Bird of Ticktown

Playing October 5th only!

Riverside Park


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