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This week’s story is something I think we’ve all been through, no? I remember losing my hands in the dumb-waiter chute of an upmarket establishment in the nineteen-forties after one too many secretive schnapps when Mister Chesterton was following us. Needles to say there was much pianissimo and very little mezzoforte until a fortunate dog unearthed them while sicking up a nerf ball. And the rest, as they say, is history.




The Day My Hands Fell Off


T.J. McIntyre






Because they were unused, because they had remained idle beyond the allotted time, because my chubby fingers had long since grown useless, my hands fell off. The Department of Utility came along behind me and swept them up in a street-sweeper. (more…)


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Normally, gentle reader, as you know, I am loathe to publish stories with talking animals in them. However this week I have made an exception for you, that you might delight in the philosophical musings below.




A Fish and a Balloon

Diane Height




This is a fable-because it can’t really be anything else-and it starts in a rocky place that neither a fish nor a balloon should be happy with. Rocky and hot and without witnesses, but it’s where this story happens, so our fish and a balloon have to put up with it, as we all have to put up with places we don’t like. (more…)

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potassium (more…)

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This story was found under a treasure chest at the back of the local post office last week after close on Thursday. It was guarded by a number of snapping turtles and a small rose bush. In the end we all had a soda.







Calmer Karma

Katy Wimhurst




A wolf’s eyes normally gleam cold and sharp, like a metallic moon. But these days Killer’s eyes seemed to hold a reflection of an open sky. (more…)

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It’s been four long months since Dog versus Sandwich began its march toward greatness (or alternate destinations) with its bowler hat escalloted firmly to its head and a marching stick marching beside it, covered with ants of potential and stink bugs of ongoing maintenance… in that time I’ve learnt a lot about myself, not least that I am a sucker for stories with talking animals.


The Five Stages of Beef 



The Five Stages of Beef

Peter Parrish




It was not the largest cow he had ever seen. Nonetheless, it was in his way. This posed a problem. (more…)

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