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Went through the submissions database today. After the initial flurry of submissions, we’ve settled down in December and January to an average submission rate of one story per day.

This means that your chances of being accepted are one in seven. Not too shabby!

So keep those stories coming.

I have to say, too, that updating the DvS submissions database is a lot of fun. We get some fantastic titles from you crazy people.


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Update: Submission figures

So I just thought I’d pop in and say that we’ve hit our hundredth submission mark. Which is pretty cool, after less than a month. I thought I’d post some stats on the subs we’ve been receiving. 

Subs received: 104  

Type: 21 Poems, 47 short stories, 36 flash.
Nationality: 10 Aust, 3 Canada, 1 India, 1 Ireland, 1 Israel, 2 Italy, 1 Lebanon, 1 Philippines, 7 UK, 15 Unknown, 62 USA.
Gender: 29 female, 70 male, 5 unknown.

And while I’m here, a couple of people have asked when the first stories will be out. I know!! Pushy!

Anyhow, to satisfy these querying folk (authors we’re publishing, mostly), we’re aiming at putting the first stories up in early January, to kickstart things along with the new year. So all of you polishing masterpieces (or waiting for Gordon Van Gelder to boot them first) you’ve got a couple of months yet.

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